Thursday, November 10, 2005

"Secret LOVERS, that's what we are..." I am admitting an addiction (one of many, I know I know) of the largest proportion in my life: SHOES!

One may say, OK, makes sense, they fit no matter what, you can gain 10 lbs and they will still fit, you can shop for them on a "fat day" with no problems, right? WRONG-O! Not if you are little old me...and by little old I mean BIG me. I am almost 6 feet tall, and therefore wear between a size 10 and 11 shoe! You try finding an 11 in most stores. That said, whenever I find a pair I love that fit, I tend to buy multiples.

And jackpot did I hit last weekend: FOUR pairs! Two pair of cute beaded flats...olive and pink. And two pair of suede wedge heels with a boucle bow on the and brown. Now add this to the brown croc slingbacks w/ the suede bow AND the brown suede peeptoe patchwork stilettos from two weekends ago (and don't get me started on the tall brown boots too!) and that is SEVEN pairs in just over a week. Can we SAY OOC? Yes. 2-3 pairs...SO going back!

But I had such a fun/good shoe week:
Monday: black leather stilettos
Tuesday: grey patent kitten heels
Wednesday: brown snakeskin heels
Today: the aforementioned black suede wedges (SO cute w/ my new black tweed suit!)
Tomorrow: (YEAH HOLIDAY:) most likely rock green heels :)

Is there a support group??

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I SWEAR I can't make this up!!

I got in a cab this afternoon and I noticed a little box. So I opened it to see what was in (OK, and to see if it was jewelery!) and there was frikin WEED in it!!!!! Too funny. Thought about keeping for 2 seconds, but:

a) I don't smoke
b) Was a little scared it might hav been laced
c) Thought it might have either been "planted" or belonged to the driver or something

On to Halloween..."wine and stoop" was fab w/ the neighbors. Carved a CUTE punkin' and we stalked the neighbors to PLEASE send their kids over! We got like maybe 20:( Last minute we were sure we'd run out of candy...and can I tell ya what CVS has left @ 5P ON Halloween? SLIM PICKINS!!

After 8P came back inside and I kept the pumkin lit in the kitchen for a bit. Til it CAUGHT on FIRE! OOPS! Candle I'd put in it was in glass and EXPLODED! FLAMES out of the pumpkin. A little scary...and then V funny!

Monday, October 31, 2005

New Ruth's Chris Boston Review

Dinner was decent. Steak was SOOOOOOOO yum...they cook them @ like 1800 degrees and then serve on a 500 degree plate so it can still cook while on the table!

We shared a bunch of apps:
BBQ Shrimp: a creamy/buttery sauce
Crab 'Tini: yum, lots of lump crab over a slaw-ish mix
Crab Cakes: less lump crab than raved about, but still decent
Chopped Salad: FULL of Bleu, thumbs down from me
Buffalo Mozz & Beefsteak Tomato: Mozz was PERF as was the Balsamic, Tomatoes were BEYOND inedible, hard, mealy and GROSS!

I had the 12 oz filet (petite was 8 oz)--was v good, drenched in butter and I ate like 1/4 of it.
A had filet Oscar (filet w/ Asparagus and a crabcake over it) and about a gallon of Bearnaise. Everyone else on my end of the table had the filet as well (I was LATE and had to sit @ the head, ick!). Couple people had fish, Salmon was WAY salty.

I tasted almost all the Sides:
Potatoes Lyonnaise: BY FAR the yummiest (but not as good as the 1/2 and 1/2 @ the Palm)
Mashed: Pretty good, though got cold v fast:(
Gratin Patotoes: again, cold by the time they made it to my end of the table, but yummy
Roasted Tomatoes: Gross like the salad, super hard
Creamed Spinach: Also cold by the time I got it but v creamy
Sauteed spinach: not a ton of flavor
Did not taste the Asparagus, Broccoli or Mushrooms

We got them all for the table:)---VERY overpriced in my opinion, like $10.95
Mocha Cake: Eh, not great
Apple Tart: HUGE w/ ice cream, served hot, v good
Sin Chocolate Cake: Like solid espresso, TOO rich
Berries in Cream: Cream was tasteless
Creme Brulee: Good, but not like Turner's (my fav.)

Service: another story....VEEEEEEEEEEERY slow. I arrived late and it took a good 20 min for my Martini and a black napkin. Martini was decent but A had warned me to ask for EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA olive juice as hers was pretty weak, and I only got 2 olives:( Our waiter was good but slow (not all his fault I am sure), I guess the bar is WAY on the other side of the restaurant. Busser need some work as well, VERY slow.

Panna for still and I think Pellegrino for sparkling (we only had still) and the bread is mediocre...sourdough-ish baguette. Nothing too special, I think Smith and Wollensky is far better.

Should I submit to LOL!


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm Baaaack...AGAIN! (a post literally about NOTHING)

Yeah, I suck. I know, I know. There is nothing more to say. I humbly apologize...esp to you JAG!
I guess it just takes something in my life to motivate me to write. And last night it was my silly, funny awesome roommate. She decided that we needed to keep a dry erase (which she later decided should be a CHALK BOARD) of funny things we say, that I am SURE are not v funny to anyone but us.

Case in point:

"Are those boots for extra wide calves? M has never been able to wear tall boots...she has cankles. They run in her family." -Me

"Dakota Fanning...she must be stopped" --Me (she really DOES creep the crap out of me!)

Not much else is new other than work, work and work and this cold I can't shake, uugh! I hate being sick as I am rendered helpless like a 6 year old who needs her mommy.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

She's Our Collective Bitch

Katrina, in a word. Like 9/11 there a few, if any, Americans who have not felt the effects in one way or another.

I thinkI am having delayed reaction/shock to what's going on down south, honestly. I was w/o any type of news/TV until the night before it actually hit last week and then was working 24/7 with very minor news snippets until last Thursday. Friday I went on vaca to my beloved NC and that is when I started reading the papers and watching too much CNN. And I love this to tears!

The New York Times, love or hate the Grey Lady, has moved me to tears the past few days with human interest articles. The disparity between the black and white, the "haves" and "haves not" and the face of the homeless I never thought I would see:

My Former Roommate's Boyfriend

He started Tulane Medical three weeks ago. I walked into my old apartment last Thursday and there he was. Great to see him, but not under these circumstance. He has a laptop, 3 bags of clothes and is waiting to hear where he is going to be placed for classes, most likely at another University.

Our Beach Neighbors

Their close friend's daughter lost everything and came up to VA with her two small children and husband, homeless and unable to even get cash out of an ATM.

My Current Roommate's Extended Family

Her cousin's husband flew down there over the weekend to get his two nieces, 14 and 17, and bring them up to VA in order to start school this morning.

Hearing all of this I want to help, give, do SOMETHING to not feel so helpless. Yet I don't want to just give to the Red Cross. So my roommate and I decided last night we would get each of the girls some of my product, a Target gift cards and a disposable digital cameras. They can get clothes/shoes/school supplies...whatever they want with the gift cards. And after we heard how lost they were without any family photos I am hoping the cameras this can at least start them on the path to making some new memories.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Guilt Be Gone!

JAG guilted me into a post as it has been almost a week, yikes!

I am FINALLY 95% moved into my new place:) We did big stuff in the truck last Thursday...3 chicklets + furniture=a comedy of errors @ it's best! And then I did a few carloads over the weekend. This was all between multiple large time consuming work projects, a 6AM meeting Friday AND a visit from my best friend to help me move...except she showed up with a bad back! At least she brought champagne!

Whenever M comes for a visit we talk up partying like rock stars...and more or less party like nuns. We did make it out Fri night for a bit, go us! Sat we headed to the beach up North and then to Portsmouth and Kittery...the girl'd never been to Maine before!!! Not so good deals @ the outlets, but clams and lobster rolls abound! Not to mention COLDSTONES...twice, oops...but in our defense we did SHARE both times!

I am now on Cape Cod for work for the week. Monday was hot and gorgeous...had not rained down here for 30+ days. And low and behold *I* show up and we get torrential storms yesterday. Nor did I sleep at ALL last night, dragging already today:(

In other news, how much do I heart the Goldstein Sisters? Admittedly, I DO voraciously read Greek Tragedy (though unreadable/unlinakble via the work laptop), but like my Jessica Cutler addiction, it is too good to pass up! I also found this BRILLIANTLY funny commentary on the sitch via Andrew Krucoff:

' There are those among us who take up permanent residence at the Dramada Inn where the pool is pear-shaped and the motto is: "You can check-in any time you want, but be careful where you dry-heave." '

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

About Moi

Stolen from here:

2. Nicknames: KT

3. Place of Birth: Kingston, NY

4. Favorite foods: Bread, Lobster, Strawberries, MA's Potatoes, Kayla's Dressing, NC BBQ, Ice Cream, BACON...I could go on and on...

5. Ever been to Africa: Not yet!

6. Love someone so much it hurts: Yes.

7. Been in a car accident: Yes, a few, most memorably the camp bus accident and shuttle bus in Vail, both I think when I was 8.

8. Croutons or bacon bits: Croutons

9. Favorite day of the week: Thursday afternoons

10. Favorite restaurant: Carolina Blue in NC, RIP 5/05:(

11. Favorite sport to watch: Baseball, Ski Racing

12. Favorite drink for summer: Mojito

13. Favorite ice cream: Strawberry and Mint Oreo

14. Disney or Warner Bros. DISNEY

15. Favorite fast food restaurant: Mickey D's...shame shame shame! I had not had any since I saw "Super Size Me" in January....and I fell off the wagon this weekend:(

16. What Color is your bedroom carpet: hardwood floor

17. How many times did you fail your driver's test: None

18. Before this one, from whom did you get your last e-mail: a client

19. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card: Ann Taylor

20. What do you do most often when you are bored: Eat

21. What time is Bedtime: by 11:00 hopefully

22. Favorite TV shows: Entourage, Laguna Beach, SATC, Grey's Anatomy

23. Last person/s you went to dinner with: The girls

24. Ford or Chevy: Ford

25. What are you listening to right now: U2

26. What is your favorite color: Green

28. Lake, ocean or river: Ocean

30. How many tattoos do you have? NEVER!

31. Have you ever run out of gas: Yes, Senior Year of HS in the school driveway!

I am tagging JAG to do this....

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Thish Tashtes Icky:(

So I am being held hostage for the remaining 27 (of 30) minutes with whitening strips on my teeth. 1st time I have used them, but I figure since I get them much-o cheap-o @ work may well try them out. Except due to races debacle uno AND dos back in my formative years I am wondering if they will work...will keep you posted.

In other news, saw the Aristocrats this evening. Vulgar and effing HILARIOUS! Sarah Silverman was by FAR my favorite (I'd listen to her read the phone book!), followed by Wendy Liebman and Bob Sagat...which I NEVER thought I would say about Sagat!!

Went to this little art house theatre with not one but TWO disclaimers warning vulgarity and that tickets would not be refunded. I was surprised at the number of older couples in the audience and not surprised when the one next to me got up and left. Afterwards while I was in the ladies room one woman nearly fainted as she told another person HOW vulgar it was and HOW she was appalled. Hello lady, did you READ the disclaimer?!

Got the keys to my new place this afternoon, let the moving games begin tomorrow, WAHOO! SO not looking forward to the schlep, but such is life. I just keep thinking of it as cardio, right? RIGHT! Psyched to have a mellow weekend of NO PLANS but packing/ that is sad! At least I can enjoy CLUELESS (top 5 fav!) on Bravo tonight:) Flipping between that and Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill Vegas "Behind the Music". I have a serious Food Network addiction, Cat Cora on Iron Chef America is my new fav:)

I need to go to bed...doing nothing has made me tired!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

JAG does it again:

“List ten songs that you are currently digging ... it doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words, or even if they're no good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions, the artists, and the ten songs in your blog. Then tag five other people to see what they're listening to."

Unforch I don't have 5 readers:( But here goes:

10 Songs Currently in Heavy Rotation

1. Collide: Howie Day
2. Pon de Replay: Rihanna
3. Vibrate: Rufus Wainwright
4. September: Earth Wind & Fire
5. Coast of Carolina: Jimmy Buffett
6. Don't Stop Believin: Journey
7. Save the Last Dance for Me: Michael Buble
8. Home: Michael Buble
9. As Cool as I Am: Dar Williams
10. God Only Knows: Beach Boys

Interesting as I look back at this list. Each song has a story about how it applies to my life and most are somewhat "summer songs" given the time of year. Ask me again in January and with the exception of September (my all time favorite dance song) it will change.

Thank you once again for making me write JAG! We just "met" and you are truly inspiring me. AND you are already in trubs (one of my many terms of endearment) as I am up FAR too late and have to be on a ferry @ 7AM!

Chat to you all when I am back Tuesday, don't do anything I would while I am gone!!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Stolen from: Just a Girl

1. What was your most embarrassing moment?
I am not sure if this is of "ALL TIME" but my EARLIEST embarrassing memory that STILL haunts me was when I was about 7. I was in the grocery store (RIP Grand Union) with my mother. She was waiting at the deli to get cold cuts and I came over to what I thought was her cart and started eating grapes. Turns out it was some older (thankfully NICE) man and I was eating HIS grapes! Mortifying!

2. What is your first or earliest memory you can recall?
My 4th birthday party and I how I LOVED being 4 because I knew school was just around the corner:( Which is ironic because I more or less loved school.

3. You have to choose between True love and being broke for your entire life with them, or to marry a man who is extremely rich who you find boring and nothing special - which would you choose and why?
I have to tell you , the money would be nice. And as I have not found "the one" (or anyone close to it) yet, I am not so sure he is out there. I have gotten a ton of insight into monogamy/marriage in many different ways over the past few months and am wondering if anyone is ever really truly happy, in love and all that for an extended period. I know that is a sad but true commentary on society.

4. Doctor tells you that you have 6 months to live - what do you change?
I would shave my head...or at least I have always said that is what I would do! I would find old loves and tell them how I really feel (those emotions run the gamut from still loving them to clawing their eyes out!), go to the theater, travel, spend time at my favorite places and with my favorite people. And drink...a lot!

5. You are being relocated by the witness protection program and you are allowed to choose your new name. What is it?I have no idea. I go classy or SILLY on this one?
Classy: Emma, Lilly or Molly
Silly: Vivacious (like Cher or Madonna)---that would SO be my stage name

Please post your answers on your blog. If other bloggers want to be interviewed, you must interview them if they ask you by:

1. Leaving you a comment saying 'interview me please'

2. You will respond by asking five questions here on their blog (not the same questions you see here)

3. They will update their blog/site with the answers to the questions

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions

Monday, August 08, 2005

I Heart RW

I ended up having a really great weekend full of new and old friends...minus ALL the packing!

Friday night I made a new friend (only he does not know we are BFF...YET!) in the form of Rufus Wainwright. HOW did I not know how fabulous he is? He is just a presence, tells yummy stories just like Dar and as Hot Vot put it, "He is so gay he has flames coming out of his head!"

This song was a fav...MUST get CDs ASAP:

My phone's on vibrate for you
Electroclash is karioke too
I try to dance Britney Spears
I guess I'm getting on in years
My phone's on vibrate for you
God knows what all these new drugs do
I guess to have no more fears
But still I always end up in tears
My phone's on vibrate for you
But still I never ever feel from you
Pinocchio's now a boy
Who wants to turn back into a toy
So call me
Call me in the morning
Call me in the night
So call me
Call me anytime you like
My phone's on vibrate for you
For you
Saturday night was great. Ms. W's b-day was v fun, met the new and fabulous beau as well as saw another college friend not seen in AGES. After that S & I made our way over to Beacon for some beer pong (how regression---and how much a** did I kick?) and then to the BHP for last call. I was on crash mode by then and barely stayed awake for late night pizza.
Last night S & I went to a BBQ @ the Central Square crowd's house. They are SUCH a fun/chill group (considering I just met them on TH @ our place!) inviting and GREAT chef's. Mango salsa, guac., burgers w/ bleu, aioli and dandelion grass, Asian slaw and awesome potato salad. And then homemade cupcakes with SPRINKLES! Delish...I think I ate my body weight in CRAP this weekend...hello eaters remorse!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

No...Unless You Think I look like Gabby Reese?

OY! Why do complete strangers always feel compelled to ask me:

a) If I work in the store I am shopping in? (Ok granted I COULD get a gold if shopping was ok'd by the IOC...but if I worked there, would I be carrying around a PURSE??)

b) Feel like it is OK to ask me dumb slightly rhetorical and/or personal questions?

The latter just happened to me as I made yet another jihad to the frikin U-Haul place. In their defense the help there is not being heavily recruited by Mensa. And maybe I AM wearing scrubby erring on the side of semi athletic clothes...grey vintage* T from my dad's Co., blue ancient Addidas shorts, Black Reefs, Navy Red Sox Cap...or at least maybe clothes I would wear to the gym.

As I am paying for my boxes (colossal waste of money, BUT much easier than haggling with the freaks in the back of the grocery store!) this exchange happened:

Guy: "Dijaevaplahvawlaball?"
Me: "Exsqueeze me?"
Guy: "Did you ever play volleyball"
Me: "Uh, no"
Guy: " Well you look like a volleyball player"

Interfesting...Volleyball...not a sport that initially comes to mind to describe anyone. Football player, yes; swimmer, yes; basketball player, definitely. (I have been asked that one before--I AM 5'11" for crap's sake!) but never volleyball...hmmm...

Anyway, I had time to ponder while at the grocery store and CVS** picking up my over priced pills. Let's put it this way, I spent $42.76 and the $2.76 was on $2.19 bag of tootsie pops (beach snick snacks for next weekend, yipee!! ) and a really cool little dish shaped like a martini that was 50 cents!!! FACISTS! So to get even I stole like 10 circulars and a pile of free weekly newspapers to pack with! HA! TAKE THAT CVS!

*and by vintage I mean OLD, ie circa 1990, not "cool" or "from Abercrombie/J Crew/Urban", which btw should be called SUBURBAN Outfitters as every teeny bopper and their MOTHER shops there in every major mall in America!

**Former AEM roommate refers to CVS as the "Cervix Vagina Shop"

Saturday, August 06, 2005

ANYTHING Not to Have to Pack.. .

Right now I am sitting at roommate #1's computer in my MESS and 1/2 of an apartment as I am in the middle of packing (blech @ the word!) for my impending movin' on up. I kid you not, I have emptied almost every cabinet/cupboard/closet etc INTO the middle of their respective rooms and just kind of left everything there and moved on to "tornado" a another room!

What's really tough is that I am moving from a roughly 1500 SF (+ basement & deck/yard) 3 bedroom into a 700 SF (maybe less??) shoebox of a two bedroom. Sure it is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION (5 blocks from work) but I just have SO much crap! Plus I need to separate what I am taking with and what is going into storage @ the 'rents (not to mention HOW I am going to get it all there...ugh!!) Thank goodness for WERS:!

I have not even gone down into the basement yet, SHUDDER, that is going to be a feat. Plus I am sure it's like 700 degrees down there w/o AC:( Wish me luck! I've already decided I am SO rewarding myself with a trip to the new Coldstone's down the street and a mani/pedi for my impending night out of birthday debauchery with Ms. W.

Ps-this post was inspired by a new blog: http:// I discovered today...heart it!

PPS--for some reason ctrl+shift+a will NOT work for my sorry self today, BAD BLOGGER!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Alone with my own thoughts


OK, OK I am a slacker...a lazy slacker. This AM, on the bus for the 1st time in like 6 weeks coming to work I had waaaaay too much time to think. For some reason I was too tired to read my copy of Bachelor Girls. (maybe b/c I have read it like 37 times? Note to self, google Wendy Wasserstien to see if she is up to something new!)

If I started a new blog, this would be the name: VIVACIOUS BOOTY! I love it esp b/c it is code for DRUNK A**! (KL calls herself "vivacious" in faux southern drawl when she gets tipsy)

And I don't know why I have never blogged about this, I see if EVERY freaking day...the Boston commuter girl summer uniform:

-Black Pants-CHECK
-Reefs-usually black, maybe a color, maybe J Crew or Eliza B Ribbon-CHECK on item 1!
-Tank sweater of varying color-CHECK, I was monochromatic today
-MAYBE a ribbon belt of some sort IF she works in a funkier office-NOT in this one!
-carrying an initialed LL Bean/Vera/Longchamp/Herve of varying degree/color-Loden/purple Herve

MAYBE it was b/c today I WAS that girl!

Random Thoughts:
  • I really love the song "I'll Tumble for You" by Boy George
  • I REALLY want a pair of Jack Rogers Sandals-in hot pink, pref. ON SALE end of season
  • Why is summer over already? siiiiigh....I hate shopping right now...
  • I have a headache from the clip I've had in my hair all day
  • I really need to/should excommunicate BDL from my life..he is on probation as it is. Unless he wants to buy me the sandals? FAT chance!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I Suck at this Game

WOW...Longest I have gone w/o a post!

And proof it does get read once in a while...I got a comment 2 weeks ago while on vaca skiing in CO! Got home from there and was shipped out to Dallas for work amere 18 hours later. Never been to TX...and frankly, not sure if I ever have to go again...EVERYTHING is UBER over the top!! BIG TX RESORT, HUGE ass Ford Excursion rental car, Chili cookoff @ a ranch...the whole shebang. Can't complain though, I heart checking out other parts of the country. May be headed to W Coast of FL for Memorial Day weekend too!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Goodnight Irene

Whenever the name Irene was spoken you could not help smiling. She was not only a mother, grandmother and an aunt; she was a baker, a dancer, a fashion plate, a lover of life, a friend, a carer and as my cousin Kathy Bull said a few weeks ago, she was one of the last true "broads" left.

My earliest memory of Irene was visiting her at Stony Run. I could not have been more than a few years old, but even then I knew how special she was and what a treat it was to go and visit her. Sure she had the requisite goodies most parents did not have at their homes, but it was more than that. Irene just made you feel special, like a princess, and I think that was because she herself was so extraordinary.

I remember Irene telling stories about working nights at the USO in New York and the many sailors she would meet and dance with until all hours. It was clear she knew how to have a great time, regardless of the circumstances. She would tell stories and show photos of she and my grandfather whooping it up on cruises and traveling all over, always perfectly dressed and accesorized for the occasion.

When we started driving to Duck every summer I remember countless hot sticky hours wedged in the backseat of the station wagon. Irene always had a totebag with a stash of some sort of treats to appease Courtney and me and keep Sandy from threatening to "stop this car". Once we finally arrived in Duck we got an entire summer of days on end of Irene's famous baking! She could take a pile of rotten peaches and turn it into a fruit salad or a tart in minutes. As we got older she attempted to give us “etiquette lessons” at dinner while we introduced her to who Jimmy Buffett was.

Irene was far more than just “our grandmother”; she was a permanent fixture in so many lives. She would show up at just about anyone’s house to take prom pictures, see them off to college, or celebrate a birthday walking up to anyone she didn't’t know and say “Hello, I’m Irene Fitzmorris”.

Irene was also known for her quips, and as her health started failing we stole a line from Kitty Keegan and said the only thing still sharp was her tongue. I think my all time favorite was when we went to see her the day after she moved into Golden Hill. I asked her how her 1st night had been and she said, “The nightlife here’ll kill ya!”

Irene led a long and full fabulous life. She loved a good party, a cocktail and to make sure everyone around her was having a good time and taken care of. And that is what she did up until the very end. Irene made sure that my mom was with me and my dad was with Courtney when her time came.

Songs I HEART Part Deux

You & I Both: Jason Mraz
At the Zoo: Paul Simon
Since You've Been Gone: Kelly Clarkson
Respect: Erasure
The Pointless But Poignant Crisis of a Coed: Dar Williams
Fireflies: Lori McKenna
Language or the Kiss: Indigo Girls
Linger Jonatha Brooke
Memphis: Catie Curtis
America: Paul Simon
Dirty Water: The Standells
By Your Side: Sade
Last Goodbye: Jeff Buckley
Yeah: Usher
Small Town: John Mellencamp (or was he still Cougar then??)
In My Place: Coldplay
Laid: James
Ain't Love a Kick in the Pants: Frank Sinatra
Allentown: Billy Joel
God Only Knows: Beach Boys
At Last: Etta James
Let's Get it Started: Black Eyed Peas
Brass in Pocket: Pretenders

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

PRICELESS Advice from Hot Vot:

"But K, let's be honest, the lead cashier at Diary Queen
is not gonna keep my girl in Tiffany Pearls"

Monday, February 14, 2005


Is this shit for reals?!?!? I don't think I have ever been so scared of a man on paper before!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

My Hometown

Another reason NOT to live in K-town. Though seriously, I was shopping @ the HVM last Sunday, YIKES!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Blizzard of 2005: UPDATE

WTF?????????? January, along with August, are my favourite months. I am a big skier. I LOVE the snow. However THIS is effing OOC.


Inches fallen: approx 30

Hours spent shovelling: 4, but lemme tell ya, my dad would be PROUD of the gorgeous clean parking spot I carved out!

Hours spent commuting in 3 days: 8 That # rarely hits 3, and I took a CAB yesterday AM. It took me 2.5 to get home last night and the same to get back this AM, ugh! Although this working 10 or 11 'til 4 is kinda nice...yeah like that's gonna become a regular occurrence!

Days commuting in sweatpants: 3

Pairs of Uggs ruined: 1

Pairs of Sorels to be purchased ASAP: 1

Snow days in Boston: 4/5, and lemme tell ya the city is NONE to happy with the Superintendent for opening this AM

8:13 PM...still coming down!

And to beat a dead horse, Paul Giamatti WAS robbed.

Monday, January 24, 2005

New's "That's Hot"

This just in, PARIS HILTON's hosting SNL! I can die happy now, this is what I have been waiting for all my GD life! Props to Claire Zulkey for her Paris Hilton Drinking Game!

Friday, January 21, 2005

GAG me...then a funny

Are you EFFING kidding me with this thing?? SO vomitrocious on SO many levels!
(via Daily

In other news, this AM on Ellen she was talking about chi chi cocktail parties and how the food's getting fabber and fabber. She launched into how Carpaccio is the new chic and how it is so thinly sliced you can "lick tuna and be full"...I shit you not! Quite possibly one of THE funniest Freudian slips I have heard in a while!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

"I'm Very Ain-gree" *

*Name that movie (answer in the Comments)

I climbed into my nice warm bed on loser Friday night last week to watch whatever was on the three channels I get in my cable-devoid room. And what do I see during the commercials but an ad for Letterman: AMY SEDARIS WAS ON! Excited=me, yipee! I make it through the 10P lameness, half of the news, and then I start fading. STAY AWAKE damn it, this may be the BEST interview of the year. And wouldn't ya know, I had the GD remote on sleep and that's where I fell...into a little REM and woke up at 2 AM cursing myself, GRR!

At least Lindsay saw it and recapped....

I'm Quasi Famous

I got a shout out on Zulkey (9th one down)!! Thanks!

File under WTF?!?!?!
John Mayer and Lizzy Grubman???!?!?!? I'm a few days late, but this is still gross!
I used to dream about him, all cute with lyrics to make me swoon. Then he got famous and sold out and makes me ill. And words can't describe her, well, maybe social mountaineer can.
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Things you won't hear Matt Lauer discussing over coffee in the AM!
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Serves the effing GOP right!
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Friday, January 14, 2005


Stolen from Yummicoco

1. What is your name?

2.What color underwear are you wearing now?

3. What are you listening to right now?
Crowded House Greatest Hits (a reminder of a GREAT time in my life 7 years ago:)

4. What are the last 2 digits of your phone number?

5. What was the last thing you ate?

6. If you were a crayon what color would you be?
Pink or Green

7. How is the weather right now?
Effed up 62 degrees in January, rainy and windy

8. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
A client's admin

9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Smile, hair, clothes

10. Favorite Food?
Um, EVERYTHING?? Pizza, Ice Cream, Sushi, Mashed Potatoes, Steak, Lobster

11. Favorite Drink?
Pink Vitamin Water

12. Favorite Alcoholic drink?
Extra Dirty Martini w/ Extra Olives

13. Favorite place to shop?
Ann Taylor, J Crew, L&T, Banana

14. Hair Color?
Dirty Blonde

15. Eye Color?

16. Do you wear contacts?

17. Top or bottom?

18. Favorite Month?
January and August

19. Favorite Fast Food?
Micky Ds 'til I saw Super Size Me, ick!!!

20. Last Movie you Watched?
Super Size Me

21. Favorite Day of the Year?
Christmas and my birthday

22. Are you too shy to ask someone out?

23. Summer or Winter?

25. Chocolate or vanilla?

26. Hugs or Kisses?

30. What books are you reading?
Running in Heels by Anna Maxted (AGAIN!)

31. What's on your mouse pad?
A picture of me and my sister from Christmas

32. Favorite Board Game?

33. What did you do last night?
Watched the OC and commiserated with a roommate

35. Who inspires you?
Great people, my friend Chris, my grandmother, my "girls"

36. Butter, Plain, or salted popcorn?
Mmm Butter

38. Favorite Flower?

39. What do you say when you wake up in the A.M?

40. Do you still talk to your best friend from middle school?

41. What's on your desk?
Laptop, assorted office supply crap, iced coffee, files, phone, printer, rolodex, Nalgene bottle

42. Rock Concert or Symphony?
Love both

43. Play or Opera?

44. Have you ever fired a gun?
Only a BB gun @ Camp, VERY anti guns

45. Do you like to travel by plane?
Love it!

46. Right-handed or Left-handed?

47. Smooth or Chunky Peanut Butter?

48. How many pillows do you sleep with?

49. City and State you lived in when u were a kid?
Kingston, NY

50. Ever hitchhiked?
Yup, skiing when I was 15, needless to say my 'rents we none too pleased!

Monday, January 10, 2005

"Counting the Cars on the New Jersey Turnpike..."

Mood: B+
Song: America-Paul Simon
Happy Birthday: George Foreman

Went to the Red Sox/Jimmy Fund "Hot Stove Cool Music" pre-show Fundraiser on Saturday night at the Paradise. (Actual show was Sunday night). Who knew pitcher Bronson Arroyo had a dead ringer voice for Eddie Vedder, he rocked out on "I'm Still Alive". Hopefully it will be on the CD once released later this month.

And all things Jen and Brad....c'mon, are we REALLY that surprised? As far as I can remember NO couple of this magnitude has been able to keep it together. Someone likened them to Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's enduring relationship and I heartily disagree. Rita is great, but she's no Jennifer Aniston. In my opinion, these two can't be far behind...rumor has it it will happen once Season 3 of Newlyweds is kaput.

Friday, January 07, 2005


If they can't make it, then WHO can....SOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I said I wanted to BE like a dude, not PEE like one!

Oy, this is truly gross. (via Lindsayism)

I doubt I could aim very well, though I'll bet I would make less of a mess than most dudes who've been trained to aim since they were 2-ish!


At least the she-beast brings us humor...(via Wonkette, 4th item)

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Come January we're frozen in time making new resolutions a hundred times

Happy New Year for the umpteenth time to all:)

Did everyone behave themselves Friday night? I hope not;) Let's just say I had enough fun (ie booze) to last my liver WELL into Q2 of '05 so I am on the wagon for the time being. I was gonna try for a month but I KNOW that won't happen as I am going to NEED a drink after the exam on 1/22. And there's this party next weekend too...sigh....2 weeks, 2 weeks I can do.

I am pretty much booze, no shopping, no food and LOTS of gym time. Good old January, gotta love it. Although it IS one of my two favourite months (August is the other) because I ADORE a crisp on the verge of bitterly cold day when the sun is shining something fierce. Unforch, January '05 in Boston has ONLY brought 40+ degree weather and RAIN thus far, here's hoping for one or two crisp days over the next 26 pretty please!

I think this is a worthy $200 investment!