Wednesday, January 19, 2005

"I'm Very Ain-gree" *

*Name that movie (answer in the Comments)

I climbed into my nice warm bed on loser Friday night last week to watch whatever was on the three channels I get in my cable-devoid room. And what do I see during the commercials but an ad for Letterman: AMY SEDARIS WAS ON! Excited=me, yipee! I make it through the 10P lameness, half of the news, and then I start fading. STAY AWAKE damn it, this may be the BEST interview of the year. And wouldn't ya know, I had the GD remote on sleep and that's where I fell...into a little REM and woke up at 2 AM cursing myself, GRR!

At least Lindsay saw it and recapped....


KT said...

Richard Gere in Pretty Woman when referencing what he learned how to say in therapy

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