Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Buh BYE!

Ken's goin' DOWN!!

Blog-us Missing-us

Slacker=me and pretty much ALWAYS will until the spirit moves me to just post all of the funnies I would normally just e-mail friends. Whatevs.

Thanksgiving's come and gone. I had a BIT too much fun, festive and holidaylike family time to hold me over until WELL into the New Year, but alas December 22 I am headed back for more, more, more! I did have small obsession with pie, not just plain old "pie"....but "paaaah" pronounced the good old Southern way. I don't really even LIKE Pumpkin but I was given one that was SO good I had it for breakfast on Thanksgiving!

Today was my 1st official schlep to work dressed for winter...aka in a suit and my Uggs. And I don't CARE if they were so winter '03/'04, I had to promise my 1st born to get them last season and I will be DAMNED if I will let them become has beens. Although I DO have my eyes on a cute pair of pink suede muckluks...is that how you spell it?

Naughty is the new nice....and according to my mother, THIS is the new black...

My new FAV Blog (well other than Uncle Grambo)-she is a babe and I kind of want to BE her. Or at least be that pretty AND talented with impeccable fashion sense. (via Gideon and a little blog plagiarism SCAM)

Gap Ads-Love them or hate them, discuss. Holiday 2004: SJP is hotter than ever, Josh Duhamel is YUMMY as ever and the music is fab. Otherwise, they are kinda lame and the same thing over and over season after season. Fall of 2003 rocked out with September and then Lenny brought it to a new all time low this past fall.

Buy this CD.

(footnote: *I* just figured out why NONE of the links worked, DOH!!!)

Monday, November 08, 2004


I've been super MIA the past week, work's been kicking my butt and I have been on a bipolar high/low between the sadness that is the election results the giddiness that was the OC premiere. Which, after viewing was downgraded to a mediocre "eh"...ALL that anticipation Fox for not so much greatness:( When did it become the "P" anyway?

In other news, do you ever hear a song on the radio and are like "WOW, I really love that song/band/artist"? I just had that moment..."Glory Days" is on and I'm thinking, "I LOVE BRUCE"

I LOVE this...(via Gideon's Bible)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


A few observations:

  • You know you work too late too much when you break down and ask the cleaning people (who you see more than your apartment!) their first names, slightly embarassed as you have been seeing them almost daily for 11 months

  • Should I be worried that the guy fixing one of the down elevators is reading from a binder?

  • And will it KILL the lobby elevator guard to crack a smile?


So off I trotted to the school across the street from my apartment to partake in the Democratic process and vote like I have never voted before. And by never before I do mean waiting in a half hour line while being solicited by 4th graders to buy things from their bake sale...those PTA-ers never let an opportunity pass them by! It was actually a nice neighborhood-ey/family feeling.

I then headed to work (after remembering to move my car to the opposite side of the street, street cleaning parking tickets be damned!) and took the T to Copley to check out what I am dubbing "Democrat Central". The staging in front of the BPL is sporting a huge flag in sections so it looks like it is billowing and I would say the press boxes were at least half full at 9:00 AM. The sun was out, but it looks like the rain is impending, at least from way up in my office. I will keep you posted. This must be the most press we've gotten as a city in one week since the Tea Party!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Mine (bottom one) could use some Botox, huh?? Posted by Hello

Halloween 2004

Good Times my friends, good times.

After much deliberation and very little inspiration I was struck with a great costume by divine intervention from the NBC AM diva we all love to hate: Katie Couric. No, I wasn't Donald Trump, I was Holly Golightly after Katie mentioned it was her younger daughters costume. (And if you have to ASK who Holly Golightly is you don't deserve to be reading this!). I did her up her style in a black dress, kitten heels, black elbow length gloves, oodles of "Nana" jewelery (both pearls and glitz), a chic up-'do and the kicker: a fur stole. I Heart Glammy Glam!

The party I went to on Friday night had a trophy up for grabs and the same guy nabbed 1st place AGAIN this year. Last year he was a kid on milk carton and this year: A One Night Stand! He had a lampshade on his head, a table with a cloth around his waist and on the table there was a photo and a condom, classic!

The party on Saturday night didn't have a trophy at stake, but by far the most timely two costumes (other than Johnny Damon): Battleground States-Ohio and Florida! Two girls were dressed in all red and blue, one had Ohio across her chest, the other Florida, photos of Bush and Kerry with question marks and were both wearing helmets...the kicker was that was they were each originally from the two states.

Sunday was rounded out with some good old Pumpkin carving, something I've not done in ages... and by the looks of the pic above maybe I should stick to my day job! My roommates and I also got mega giddy over the impending trick or treaters. We had a banner year of about 15 kids, good thing as we plowed through the mini snickers and had JUST enough for the kiddies. The last one was uber cute...a little Spanish speaking boy in a tiger suit, perfect bowl haircut and sweet sweet eyes that made you want to melt:)


I was also ruminating today on what a cool year it's been in Boston...Major Big Dig completions, the new Convention Center, the DNC, Buffett at Fenway, the ALCS and then the World Series. However, those PALE in comparison to what may happen tomorrow. I am going to get up on my soapbox for a moment and preech (to what very well be the choir, or an empty church?) I urge you to get out and vote tomorrow. Most of us lived through the pain and suffering that was late 2000 and the subsequent 4 years of administration. Let's not let it happen again, OK? OK!