Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Blog-us Missing-us

Slacker=me and pretty much ALWAYS will until the spirit moves me to just post all of the funnies I would normally just e-mail friends. Whatevs.

Thanksgiving's come and gone. I had a BIT too much fun, festive and holidaylike family time to hold me over until WELL into the New Year, but alas December 22 I am headed back for more, more, more! I did have small obsession with pie, not just plain old "pie"....but "paaaah" pronounced the good old Southern way. I don't really even LIKE Pumpkin but I was given one that was SO good I had it for breakfast on Thanksgiving!

Today was my 1st official schlep to work dressed for winter...aka in a suit and my Uggs. And I don't CARE if they were so winter '03/'04, I had to promise my 1st born to get them last season and I will be DAMNED if I will let them become has beens. Although I DO have my eyes on a cute pair of pink suede muckluks...is that how you spell it?

Naughty is the new nice....and according to my mother, THIS is the new black...

My new FAV Blog (well other than Uncle Grambo)-she is a babe and I kind of want to BE her. Or at least be that pretty AND talented with impeccable fashion sense. (via Gideon and a little blog plagiarism SCAM)

Gap Ads-Love them or hate them, discuss. Holiday 2004: SJP is hotter than ever, Josh Duhamel is YUMMY as ever and the music is fab. Otherwise, they are kinda lame and the same thing over and over season after season. Fall of 2003 rocked out with September and then Lenny brought it to a new all time low this past fall.

Buy this CD.

(footnote: *I* just figured out why NONE of the links worked, DOH!!!)


somegirl said...

ok, mrs. thang. don't go getting too big for your briches.

i think we all know that my blog is your favorite, along with everyone else's.

Uncle Grambo said...

Buzz! I didn't know you were blogging ... holla! Good luck, hott stuff.