Tuesday, November 02, 2004


So off I trotted to the school across the street from my apartment to partake in the Democratic process and vote like I have never voted before. And by never before I do mean waiting in a half hour line while being solicited by 4th graders to buy things from their bake sale...those PTA-ers never let an opportunity pass them by! It was actually a nice neighborhood-ey/family feeling.

I then headed to work (after remembering to move my car to the opposite side of the street, street cleaning parking tickets be damned!) and took the T to Copley to check out what I am dubbing "Democrat Central". The staging in front of the BPL is sporting a huge flag in sections so it looks like it is billowing and I would say the press boxes were at least half full at 9:00 AM. The sun was out, but it looks like the rain is impending, at least from way up in my office. I will keep you posted. This must be the most press we've gotten as a city in one week since the Tea Party!

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