Monday, October 31, 2005

New Ruth's Chris Boston Review

Dinner was decent. Steak was SOOOOOOOO yum...they cook them @ like 1800 degrees and then serve on a 500 degree plate so it can still cook while on the table!

We shared a bunch of apps:
BBQ Shrimp: a creamy/buttery sauce
Crab 'Tini: yum, lots of lump crab over a slaw-ish mix
Crab Cakes: less lump crab than raved about, but still decent
Chopped Salad: FULL of Bleu, thumbs down from me
Buffalo Mozz & Beefsteak Tomato: Mozz was PERF as was the Balsamic, Tomatoes were BEYOND inedible, hard, mealy and GROSS!

I had the 12 oz filet (petite was 8 oz)--was v good, drenched in butter and I ate like 1/4 of it.
A had filet Oscar (filet w/ Asparagus and a crabcake over it) and about a gallon of Bearnaise. Everyone else on my end of the table had the filet as well (I was LATE and had to sit @ the head, ick!). Couple people had fish, Salmon was WAY salty.

I tasted almost all the Sides:
Potatoes Lyonnaise: BY FAR the yummiest (but not as good as the 1/2 and 1/2 @ the Palm)
Mashed: Pretty good, though got cold v fast:(
Gratin Patotoes: again, cold by the time they made it to my end of the table, but yummy
Roasted Tomatoes: Gross like the salad, super hard
Creamed Spinach: Also cold by the time I got it but v creamy
Sauteed spinach: not a ton of flavor
Did not taste the Asparagus, Broccoli or Mushrooms

We got them all for the table:)---VERY overpriced in my opinion, like $10.95
Mocha Cake: Eh, not great
Apple Tart: HUGE w/ ice cream, served hot, v good
Sin Chocolate Cake: Like solid espresso, TOO rich
Berries in Cream: Cream was tasteless
Creme Brulee: Good, but not like Turner's (my fav.)

Service: another story....VEEEEEEEEEEERY slow. I arrived late and it took a good 20 min for my Martini and a black napkin. Martini was decent but A had warned me to ask for EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA olive juice as hers was pretty weak, and I only got 2 olives:( Our waiter was good but slow (not all his fault I am sure), I guess the bar is WAY on the other side of the restaurant. Busser need some work as well, VERY slow.

Panna for still and I think Pellegrino for sparkling (we only had still) and the bread is mediocre...sourdough-ish baguette. Nothing too special, I think Smith and Wollensky is far better.

Should I submit to LOL!


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm Baaaack...AGAIN! (a post literally about NOTHING)

Yeah, I suck. I know, I know. There is nothing more to say. I humbly apologize...esp to you JAG!
I guess it just takes something in my life to motivate me to write. And last night it was my silly, funny awesome roommate. She decided that we needed to keep a dry erase (which she later decided should be a CHALK BOARD) of funny things we say, that I am SURE are not v funny to anyone but us.

Case in point:

"Are those boots for extra wide calves? M has never been able to wear tall boots...she has cankles. They run in her family." -Me

"Dakota Fanning...she must be stopped" --Me (she really DOES creep the crap out of me!)

Not much else is new other than work, work and work and this cold I can't shake, uugh! I hate being sick as I am rendered helpless like a 6 year old who needs her mommy.