Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm Baaaack...AGAIN! (a post literally about NOTHING)

Yeah, I suck. I know, I know. There is nothing more to say. I humbly apologize...esp to you JAG!
I guess it just takes something in my life to motivate me to write. And last night it was my silly, funny awesome roommate. She decided that we needed to keep a dry erase (which she later decided should be a CHALK BOARD) of funny things we say, that I am SURE are not v funny to anyone but us.

Case in point:

"Are those boots for extra wide calves? M has never been able to wear tall boots...she has cankles. They run in her family." -Me

"Dakota Fanning...she must be stopped" --Me (she really DOES creep the crap out of me!)

Not much else is new other than work, work and work and this cold I can't shake, uugh! I hate being sick as I am rendered helpless like a 6 year old who needs her mommy.


JAX said...

awww, Dakota Fanning is great!!!!

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