Monday, July 25, 2005

Alone with my own thoughts


OK, OK I am a slacker...a lazy slacker. This AM, on the bus for the 1st time in like 6 weeks coming to work I had waaaaay too much time to think. For some reason I was too tired to read my copy of Bachelor Girls. (maybe b/c I have read it like 37 times? Note to self, google Wendy Wasserstien to see if she is up to something new!)

If I started a new blog, this would be the name: VIVACIOUS BOOTY! I love it esp b/c it is code for DRUNK A**! (KL calls herself "vivacious" in faux southern drawl when she gets tipsy)

And I don't know why I have never blogged about this, I see if EVERY freaking day...the Boston commuter girl summer uniform:

-Black Pants-CHECK
-Reefs-usually black, maybe a color, maybe J Crew or Eliza B Ribbon-CHECK on item 1!
-Tank sweater of varying color-CHECK, I was monochromatic today
-MAYBE a ribbon belt of some sort IF she works in a funkier office-NOT in this one!
-carrying an initialed LL Bean/Vera/Longchamp/Herve of varying degree/color-Loden/purple Herve

MAYBE it was b/c today I WAS that girl!

Random Thoughts:
  • I really love the song "I'll Tumble for You" by Boy George
  • I REALLY want a pair of Jack Rogers Sandals-in hot pink, pref. ON SALE end of season
  • Why is summer over already? siiiiigh....I hate shopping right now...
  • I have a headache from the clip I've had in my hair all day
  • I really need to/should excommunicate BDL from my life..he is on probation as it is. Unless he wants to buy me the sandals? FAT chance!