Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Summer Bucket List

Hi Lovelies:

As June 21 is ALMOST here (one of the BEST days of the year!) thought I would share my 
ever evolving summer list of awesome:

1. Use Hubway, a lot.
2. Take said Hubway to Southie to the beach
3. Eat at Sullivan's (already been twice as of 5/15)
4. York - Going 6/22
5. Cape and Ptown
6. Brimfield
7. Movie / Concert at Hatch Shell and BHH
8. Rose' nights on my new balcony (Boys 5/17, Girls 6/18)
9. Host Pride (6/8)
10. Wear new off white lace dress
11. Wear white pants with abandon
12. Wear LESS black
14. Walk home from work once / week
15. Greenway Yoga - Wednesday nights 

Cheers to a(nother) FABULOUS summer!