Thursday, November 10, 2005

"Secret LOVERS, that's what we are..." I am admitting an addiction (one of many, I know I know) of the largest proportion in my life: SHOES!

One may say, OK, makes sense, they fit no matter what, you can gain 10 lbs and they will still fit, you can shop for them on a "fat day" with no problems, right? WRONG-O! Not if you are little old me...and by little old I mean BIG me. I am almost 6 feet tall, and therefore wear between a size 10 and 11 shoe! You try finding an 11 in most stores. That said, whenever I find a pair I love that fit, I tend to buy multiples.

And jackpot did I hit last weekend: FOUR pairs! Two pair of cute beaded flats...olive and pink. And two pair of suede wedge heels with a boucle bow on the and brown. Now add this to the brown croc slingbacks w/ the suede bow AND the brown suede peeptoe patchwork stilettos from two weekends ago (and don't get me started on the tall brown boots too!) and that is SEVEN pairs in just over a week. Can we SAY OOC? Yes. 2-3 pairs...SO going back!

But I had such a fun/good shoe week:
Monday: black leather stilettos
Tuesday: grey patent kitten heels
Wednesday: brown snakeskin heels
Today: the aforementioned black suede wedges (SO cute w/ my new black tweed suit!)
Tomorrow: (YEAH HOLIDAY:) most likely rock green heels :)

Is there a support group??

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I SWEAR I can't make this up!!

I got in a cab this afternoon and I noticed a little box. So I opened it to see what was in (OK, and to see if it was jewelery!) and there was frikin WEED in it!!!!! Too funny. Thought about keeping for 2 seconds, but:

a) I don't smoke
b) Was a little scared it might hav been laced
c) Thought it might have either been "planted" or belonged to the driver or something

On to Halloween..."wine and stoop" was fab w/ the neighbors. Carved a CUTE punkin' and we stalked the neighbors to PLEASE send their kids over! We got like maybe 20:( Last minute we were sure we'd run out of candy...and can I tell ya what CVS has left @ 5P ON Halloween? SLIM PICKINS!!

After 8P came back inside and I kept the pumkin lit in the kitchen for a bit. Til it CAUGHT on FIRE! OOPS! Candle I'd put in it was in glass and EXPLODED! FLAMES out of the pumpkin. A little scary...and then V funny!