Monday, November 01, 2004

Halloween 2004

Good Times my friends, good times.

After much deliberation and very little inspiration I was struck with a great costume by divine intervention from the NBC AM diva we all love to hate: Katie Couric. No, I wasn't Donald Trump, I was Holly Golightly after Katie mentioned it was her younger daughters costume. (And if you have to ASK who Holly Golightly is you don't deserve to be reading this!). I did her up her style in a black dress, kitten heels, black elbow length gloves, oodles of "Nana" jewelery (both pearls and glitz), a chic up-'do and the kicker: a fur stole. I Heart Glammy Glam!

The party I went to on Friday night had a trophy up for grabs and the same guy nabbed 1st place AGAIN this year. Last year he was a kid on milk carton and this year: A One Night Stand! He had a lampshade on his head, a table with a cloth around his waist and on the table there was a photo and a condom, classic!

The party on Saturday night didn't have a trophy at stake, but by far the most timely two costumes (other than Johnny Damon): Battleground States-Ohio and Florida! Two girls were dressed in all red and blue, one had Ohio across her chest, the other Florida, photos of Bush and Kerry with question marks and were both wearing helmets...the kicker was that was they were each originally from the two states.

Sunday was rounded out with some good old Pumpkin carving, something I've not done in ages... and by the looks of the pic above maybe I should stick to my day job! My roommates and I also got mega giddy over the impending trick or treaters. We had a banner year of about 15 kids, good thing as we plowed through the mini snickers and had JUST enough for the kiddies. The last one was uber cute...a little Spanish speaking boy in a tiger suit, perfect bowl haircut and sweet sweet eyes that made you want to melt:)


I was also ruminating today on what a cool year it's been in Boston...Major Big Dig completions, the new Convention Center, the DNC, Buffett at Fenway, the ALCS and then the World Series. However, those PALE in comparison to what may happen tomorrow. I am going to get up on my soapbox for a moment and preech (to what very well be the choir, or an empty church?) I urge you to get out and vote tomorrow. Most of us lived through the pain and suffering that was late 2000 and the subsequent 4 years of administration. Let's not let it happen again, OK? OK!

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