Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Come January we're frozen in time making new resolutions a hundred times

Happy New Year for the umpteenth time to all:)

Did everyone behave themselves Friday night? I hope not;) Let's just say I had enough fun (ie booze) to last my liver WELL into Q2 of '05 so I am on the wagon for the time being. I was gonna try for a month but I KNOW that won't happen as I am going to NEED a drink after the exam on 1/22. And there's this party next weekend too...sigh....2 weeks, 2 weeks I can do.

I am pretty much grounded...no booze, no shopping, no food and LOTS of gym time. Good old January, gotta love it. Although it IS one of my two favourite months (August is the other) because I ADORE a crisp on the verge of bitterly cold day when the sun is shining something fierce. Unforch, January '05 in Boston has ONLY brought 40+ degree weather and RAIN thus far, here's hoping for one or two crisp days over the next 26 pretty please!

I think this is a worthy $200 investment!


yummicoco said...

crisp is such a great word.

thanks for tuning into my blog.

hook said...

great post