Monday, January 10, 2005

"Counting the Cars on the New Jersey Turnpike..."

Mood: B+
Song: America-Paul Simon
Happy Birthday: George Foreman

Went to the Red Sox/Jimmy Fund "Hot Stove Cool Music" pre-show Fundraiser on Saturday night at the Paradise. (Actual show was Sunday night). Who knew pitcher Bronson Arroyo had a dead ringer voice for Eddie Vedder, he rocked out on "I'm Still Alive". Hopefully it will be on the CD once released later this month.

And all things Jen and Brad....c'mon, are we REALLY that surprised? As far as I can remember NO couple of this magnitude has been able to keep it together. Someone likened them to Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's enduring relationship and I heartily disagree. Rita is great, but she's no Jennifer Aniston. In my opinion, these two can't be far behind...rumor has it it will happen once Season 3 of Newlyweds is kaput.

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