Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Stolen from: Just a Girl

1. What was your most embarrassing moment?
I am not sure if this is of "ALL TIME" but my EARLIEST embarrassing memory that STILL haunts me was when I was about 7. I was in the grocery store (RIP Grand Union) with my mother. She was waiting at the deli to get cold cuts and I came over to what I thought was her cart and started eating grapes. Turns out it was some older (thankfully NICE) man and I was eating HIS grapes! Mortifying!

2. What is your first or earliest memory you can recall?
My 4th birthday party and I how I LOVED being 4 because I knew school was just around the corner:( Which is ironic because I more or less loved school.

3. You have to choose between True love and being broke for your entire life with them, or to marry a man who is extremely rich who you find boring and nothing special - which would you choose and why?
I have to tell you , the money would be nice. And as I have not found "the one" (or anyone close to it) yet, I am not so sure he is out there. I have gotten a ton of insight into monogamy/marriage in many different ways over the past few months and am wondering if anyone is ever really truly happy, in love and all that for an extended period. I know that is a sad but true commentary on society.

4. Doctor tells you that you have 6 months to live - what do you change?
I would shave my head...or at least I have always said that is what I would do! I would find old loves and tell them how I really feel (those emotions run the gamut from still loving them to clawing their eyes out!), go to the theater, travel, spend time at my favorite places and with my favorite people. And drink...a lot!

5. You are being relocated by the witness protection program and you are allowed to choose your new name. What is it?I have no idea.
Hmmm...do I go classy or SILLY on this one?
Classy: Emma, Lilly or Molly
Silly: Vivacious (like Cher or Madonna)---that would SO be my stage name

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JAX said...

Coool KT! I liked reading your responses!!!!

KT said...

THANKS!!!!!!!! I've been inspired to write ton this week b/c I know @ least one person out there is actually reading!! And I get super bummed I am when I tune into a Blog I regularly follow and there are no new posts.

No posting til Tueday...BEACH TIME sans computer access!

JAX said...

Hey, here's more to write about, I'm tagging you. Go to my site for details.