Saturday, August 06, 2005

ANYTHING Not to Have to Pack.. .

Right now I am sitting at roommate #1's computer in my MESS and 1/2 of an apartment as I am in the middle of packing (blech @ the word!) for my impending movin' on up. I kid you not, I have emptied almost every cabinet/cupboard/closet etc INTO the middle of their respective rooms and just kind of left everything there and moved on to "tornado" a another room!

What's really tough is that I am moving from a roughly 1500 SF (+ basement & deck/yard) 3 bedroom into a 700 SF (maybe less??) shoebox of a two bedroom. Sure it is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION (5 blocks from work) but I just have SO much crap! Plus I need to separate what I am taking with and what is going into storage @ the 'rents (not to mention HOW I am going to get it all there...ugh!!) Thank goodness for WERS:!

I have not even gone down into the basement yet, SHUDDER, that is going to be a feat. Plus I am sure it's like 700 degrees down there w/o AC:( Wish me luck! I've already decided I am SO rewarding myself with a trip to the new Coldstone's down the street and a mani/pedi for my impending night out of birthday debauchery with Ms. W.

Ps-this post was inspired by a new blog: http:// I discovered today...heart it!

PPS--for some reason ctrl+shift+a will NOT work for my sorry self today, BAD BLOGGER!

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