Saturday, August 20, 2005

Thish Tashtes Icky:(

So I am being held hostage for the remaining 27 (of 30) minutes with whitening strips on my teeth. 1st time I have used them, but I figure since I get them much-o cheap-o @ work may well try them out. Except due to races debacle uno AND dos back in my formative years I am wondering if they will work...will keep you posted.

In other news, saw the Aristocrats this evening. Vulgar and effing HILARIOUS! Sarah Silverman was by FAR my favorite (I'd listen to her read the phone book!), followed by Wendy Liebman and Bob Sagat...which I NEVER thought I would say about Sagat!!

Went to this little art house theatre with not one but TWO disclaimers warning vulgarity and that tickets would not be refunded. I was surprised at the number of older couples in the audience and not surprised when the one next to me got up and left. Afterwards while I was in the ladies room one woman nearly fainted as she told another person HOW vulgar it was and HOW she was appalled. Hello lady, did you READ the disclaimer?!

Got the keys to my new place this afternoon, let the moving games begin tomorrow, WAHOO! SO not looking forward to the schlep, but such is life. I just keep thinking of it as cardio, right? RIGHT! Psyched to have a mellow weekend of NO PLANS but packing/ that is sad! At least I can enjoy CLUELESS (top 5 fav!) on Bravo tonight:) Flipping between that and Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill Vegas "Behind the Music". I have a serious Food Network addiction, Cat Cora on Iron Chef America is my new fav:)

I need to go to bed...doing nothing has made me tired!


JAX said...

I LOVE food network... ha ha, your post title was funny!

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