Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Guilt Be Gone!

JAG guilted me into a post as it has been almost a week, yikes!

I am FINALLY 95% moved into my new place:) We did big stuff in the truck last Thursday...3 chicklets + furniture=a comedy of errors @ it's best! And then I did a few carloads over the weekend. This was all between multiple large time consuming work projects, a 6AM meeting Friday AND a visit from my best friend to help me move...except she showed up with a bad back! At least she brought champagne!

Whenever M comes for a visit we talk up partying like rock stars...and more or less party like nuns. We did make it out Fri night for a bit, go us! Sat we headed to the beach up North and then to Portsmouth and Kittery...the girl'd never been to Maine before!!! Not so good deals @ the outlets, but clams and lobster rolls abound! Not to mention COLDSTONES...twice, oops...but in our defense we did SHARE both times!

I am now on Cape Cod for work for the week. Monday was hot and gorgeous...had not rained down here for 30+ days. And low and behold *I* show up and we get torrential storms yesterday. Nor did I sleep at ALL last night, dragging already today:(

In other news, how much do I heart the Goldstein Sisters? Admittedly, I DO voraciously read Greek Tragedy (though unreadable/unlinakble via the work laptop), but like my Jessica Cutler addiction, it is too good to pass up! I also found this BRILLIANTLY funny commentary on the sitch via Andrew Krucoff:

' There are those among us who take up permanent residence at the Dramada Inn where the pool is pear-shaped and the motto is: "You can check-in any time you want, but be careful where you dry-heave." '


JAX said...

Sounds like good times! And you can't beat a day with Coldstone!! mmm (drool) and twice? LUCKY!!!

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