Sunday, August 07, 2005

No...Unless You Think I look like Gabby Reese?

OY! Why do complete strangers always feel compelled to ask me:

a) If I work in the store I am shopping in? (Ok granted I COULD get a gold if shopping was ok'd by the IOC...but if I worked there, would I be carrying around a PURSE??)

b) Feel like it is OK to ask me dumb slightly rhetorical and/or personal questions?

The latter just happened to me as I made yet another jihad to the frikin U-Haul place. In their defense the help there is not being heavily recruited by Mensa. And maybe I AM wearing scrubby erring on the side of semi athletic clothes...grey vintage* T from my dad's Co., blue ancient Addidas shorts, Black Reefs, Navy Red Sox Cap...or at least maybe clothes I would wear to the gym.

As I am paying for my boxes (colossal waste of money, BUT much easier than haggling with the freaks in the back of the grocery store!) this exchange happened:

Guy: "Dijaevaplahvawlaball?"
Me: "Exsqueeze me?"
Guy: "Did you ever play volleyball"
Me: "Uh, no"
Guy: " Well you look like a volleyball player"

Interfesting...Volleyball...not a sport that initially comes to mind to describe anyone. Football player, yes; swimmer, yes; basketball player, definitely. (I have been asked that one before--I AM 5'11" for crap's sake!) but never volleyball...hmmm...

Anyway, I had time to ponder while at the grocery store and CVS** picking up my over priced pills. Let's put it this way, I spent $42.76 and the $2.76 was on $2.19 bag of tootsie pops (beach snick snacks for next weekend, yipee!! ) and a really cool little dish shaped like a martini that was 50 cents!!! FACISTS! So to get even I stole like 10 circulars and a pile of free weekly newspapers to pack with! HA! TAKE THAT CVS!

*and by vintage I mean OLD, ie circa 1990, not "cool" or "from Abercrombie/J Crew/Urban", which btw should be called SUBURBAN Outfitters as every teeny bopper and their MOTHER shops there in every major mall in America!

**Former AEM roommate refers to CVS as the "Cervix Vagina Shop"

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