Sunday, May 06, 2012

Weekend Part One

A few things should have tipped me off that this weekend was going to rock.

Exhibit A:
Interofficed eyelashes from could that mean anything less than fun?!?

Exhibit B:  
DUH, it was Cinco de Derby!  The Derby alone sets we atwitter as jaunty headwear, gambling and bourbon cocktails are kind of my trifecta (no pun intended).  I was born to get all gussied up and this girl is never happier than when she is perched sipping out of a flute (or a julep cup as the case may be.)  I can thank my Nana Irene for this obsession, 'bet the jockey, not the horse".  God I miss that woman! 

Anyhoo, after work on Friday I met a group at Slate for a little happy hour.  I got there on the earlier side and am glad I did, it was wall to wall people after about 5:30 and still jammed when I left around 7:00.  I give it a C+ - decent drinks, but the they should have made the bar larger and the dining room smaller.  

I scurried home to change as I was late to meet DSB at the bar at Mistral.  It was jammed so we went to Brahmin (sadness on missing out on the tenderloin pizza!).  Neither of us had been yet as the line on weekends is normally ridiculous. It was OK, mostly parties of girls, including one who set her hair on fire!  We had a quick flatbread and cucumber cocktail before meeting the boys and the wretched smell set in.  Per usual we had a silly night full of laughs and galavanting.

Saturday AM I was a rock star and ran a million errands which included finding a new Derby chapeau, a manicure and lugging groceries all over the South End - which I totally counted as cardio.  I grabbed an sandwich at the (not so newly) re-opened Appleton Cafe and it was delicious, though I am not loving how antiseptic the redone space feels, has lost a ton of neighborhood charm.

My  biggest coups of the AM were procuring new hats along with  julep and margaritas delicacies:

Excuse my messy closet/unfinished hair.
Decided this was a little TOO bright for still chilly Boston.
Went with this more subdued option instead.
And of course I had to carry my Saratoga Longchamp - thanks Katch!

Somehow this one got inverted!
Wound up watching the race with juleps at a friend's in Beacon Hill
Note to self: I REALLY need to buy some julep cups.
Post race we went to a Cinco De Derby party.  Super fun hats with some sombreros tossed in for good measure. 

Also got to see the Super Moon - again, janky photo from my BB, was a lot cooler in person, but the clouds were not exactly cooperating. 
On Exeter at Boylston, BPL to the right. 
Weekend Part Two coming tomorrow.


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Miss Southern Prep said...

How fun! I love your Longchamp and your hat!