Thursday, May 03, 2012

Etsy Favs

Obsessed isn't the word!  And after the Bacchanalia that was April I am taking a wee respite from shopping...but a gal can still look!  And with my birthday coming up I can also bookmark some things for gifties.

Discovered this early in the AM, and am obsessed!  In fact the whole shop is awesome, I am just a little wary of the pricing being so inexpensive (I have this very one and it was A LOT spendier than this little gem)

Koozie + Lilly + Monogram = Perfection in my book AND this print is named after a rad Dead song (Yup, I totally went to school in Vermont!).  I asked Mama for the matching Kroakies for my birthday....along with some new Revas.  In fact this whole shop is really awesome - want these and this

These are callin' my name for beach happy hour:

I love that these can also be done in a ton of different ways: 

This whole shop is calling my name and I may have ordered a skirt prior to my self imposed ban.  (And ordered jBp a little  graduation gift:).  It is almost identical to my beloved Cissy skirt at a fraction of the price with some really cool vintage Lilly fabrics.  The seller and I went back and forth on prints so many time I am not sure what I ended up with!  Should arrive at the Snow Goose in time for my birthday festivus. 

Last but not least I adore these...I would look like Mr. T in NY, VT, MA and NC...may just settle for NC as it's where my heart lies. 



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