Monday, May 14, 2012

Mama's Day Weekend in K-town

I had great intentions of setting this to post earlier in the weekend, but we all know about the best of intentions...#fail.

Anyhoo, headed to the Big K for the weekend and had a fabby time.  HIGHLY recommend Kodomo brand new and SO good, highly unexpected for K-town!  Had a great dinner with the 'rents on Friday night.

Saturday I got a full on dose of Ktastic-ness. Made a schlep out to Stone Ridge for one of these:

(and a hanging basket for Grandma W), a trip to the icky HVM, a trip uptown to Bop to Tottem, stop for some sauce at Dallas and some yummy SW hot dogs followed by some of this Mickey's II with MCS.

This my ALL TIME perfect cone -
small twist with rainbow sprinkles!
Ran around a ton, went to 5P Mass and then went to dinner at Boitson's and we sat outside, was a perfect night!  Dad and I toasted my sister's 5th wedding anniversary (Mom took the pic):

Silly face, amazing his eyes are open!

Went to see Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with Mom and MCS after dinner and I loved it, Mom not so much.  

Sunday was the big show - lots of gifties for mom including some new black Jack Rogers and the Bridier Baubles "Under the Sea" Bracelet that I am glad I bought back in April because it appears to be gone from the site (I bought three!).

We had the usual Deising's carb fest on Lounsbury place did a lot of nothing and then went to pay homage to Kitty and Irene at the bar with the extended "fam"

Slainte Kitty & Irene!

Then we were off to meal number two of the day on Lounsbury for the annual Mother's Day Chinese takeout dinner.  

Back to Beantown for a star turn before the marathon month of traveling begins!



Missy Ann Rinfret said...

Those donuts and that cone look beyond delish! New follower xx

KW said...

I feel like ALL we did was eat all weekend, so yum! thanks for the follow, will add you to my readers (it still amazes me that anyone is reading this other than my sister!)