Friday, May 04, 2012

Nom Yummy: Food Trucks

I think it goes back to my dad and his "dirty filthy man" hot dogs in Manhattan, but I love me some truck food.  You name it, I love it - pretzels, hot dogs, meat on a stick, ice cream, sandwiches, BBQ - they all taste better handed to me from a window.

My all time best truck experience was at the famous Giovanni's Shrimp truck on the North Shore of Oahu in May 2010.  My friend SS, (my eating partner in crime lived there at the time), said there was no way we could miss it and I was so glad we went!  The shrimp are awesome that we didn't take a pic til it was too late!

We also had one of the best hot dogs EVER (and I am a bit of an expert).  The garlic was unreal! 

And no trip's complete without the obligatory signing of the truck:

Then we did lots of this:

And a little of this:

MAHALO for the yums...I need to get back there ASAP!! 

*You're welcome for that little Friday distraction*

Meanwhile back on the mainland much closer to home...

When trucks began popping up in Dewey Square I could not  have been happier.  For the last six months or so the Clovermomogoose and Bon Me have been my steady lunch rotation when I am in the office.  I was out of town for most of April and when I came back this week Momo is now rotating days with BBQ Smith.  I went out for some BBQ on Wednesday and as it was the only day of (minimal sun) we had this week it was a zoo!  Went back today and despite freezing my butt off (and some hair frizzing!) the long wait was worth it!

(*Excuse my janky BB pics...someday I will be a real girl and get an iPhone...someday...)

I had the "Greek" chicken sandwich "Naked" - sans bread (but dang did that homemade bread look amazing!). Apparently it is not even on their online menu yet,  but consists of: pulled chicken with some sort of tomato-ish sauce, a tzaziki inspired sauce (one of my all time favs!), pickled cabbage (which I could have done without) and the piece de resistance: BACON BITS! Those bits were amazing, and I may or may not have eaten them all before I got back to my desk.  (Don't laugh, you would have totally done the SAME thing!).  For a side I chose the sweet potato and vidalia.  It was really good, great seasoning, I just expected it to be warm, not cold.  The first bite confused me, but delicious none the less.  And they have flavored Polar Seltzer in a can, another win win! 

I completely forgot that Greenway Mobile Food Fest is tomorrow!  I probably won't make it, but will see most of my beloved trucks on Sunday at the 2012 opening of Sowa Open Market.  A post to follow on Sowa next week, excited for an awesome Sunday of poking around, eating truck food, antique shopping and seeing what new goodies The Fashion Truck has to offer. 

Happy Friday - it's inching closer to cocktail time!


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