Thursday, May 10, 2012

The James Beard Awards

Some people get starstruck around celebrities, and trust me, I love to see some celebs in the flesh, but it's chefs who really do it for me.  I don't know what it is, but someone (whether CIA trained or self taught) who can put so much love on a plate makes me a little weak in the knees.

So needless to say I get a LEETLE excited for the James Beard Awards.  And I more than geeked out while watching them...I simultaneously had Food Network on the TV on mute, the awards streaming on my iPad while cooking dinner!

I was really touched by Charlie Trotter as I had no idea he was such a humanitarian and did so much for the city of Chicago.  Also super psyched to see two big Boston wins for o ya and No. 9 Park.  I have not had the luck of dining at o ya yet (that needs to be a "someone else's expense report dinner" fo' sho'!) but love me some BL Gruppo - huge fan of B&G and Sportello

I was craving beans for some reason (total comfort food) and made my favorite "clean out the fridge fajita/burrito/wrap" for dinner, the leftovers of which I have been eating all week.  I would post a recipe, but there really isn't one - just chop and saute whatever veg you have (red pepper, onion and a can of green chilis in this case), toss in a protein if you have any (I used chicken), heat some beans (I normally used black, but this time it was veggie refried) and slap between a toasted tortilla.  I had a smidge of shredded cheese left but no sour cream so this was an almost dairy free adventure.  

I will SING the praises of Dorot frozen cilantro...this stuff rocks!  Apparently it's European and I have only found it at Trader Joe's but it'a amazing if you don't have fresh herbs.  (I also use tons of their frozen garlic and basil in the winter. )

Once cooked it looks like a big mess of this:

And the final product, an ugly but tasty treat.  And there's nothing like a tall boy of 'gansett Summer in an RC koozie while watching Jacques Pepin...keepin' it klassy.

Any thoughts on Around the World in 80 Plates?  Saw part of it the first ep. last night, still on the fence.  It is awesome to see Nookie on there representing Red Sox Nation. 


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CDeVito said...

Love this! Dinner looked yummy. Red Sox mention? Not so yummy :(