Monday, September 02, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Roundup...and a Shot in the Dark.

Hello Lovelies!

I hope everyone had a fab long weekend!!  

I am going to give this posting on the reg thing the old college try!  It definitely will not be 5 days a week, but maaaaaaybe 2-3 days.  Even though it has been a really long time since I was in school, I still feel like this week marks a "new" year, so this is my resolution!  

Full disclosure, Labor Day is also my saddest day of the year.  I HATE saying goodbye to my beloved summer.  Stamp my feet like a toddler hate it.  And even though I took my dear friends Lilly and Jack for their final New England* spin of 2013, I still plan to sit my rear on the beach this coming weekend, weather permitting. (*Lilly and Jack will be permitted in the Caribbean on a work trip later this fall!) 

So without further ado, my weekend.  It was pretty mellow, and much needed!  
I took half a day on Friday and spend some QT on the beach in Southie getting some Vitamin D.  That night my friend JJ came over with her pup and we drank bubs and on my balcony,  The night turned into hanging with assorted neighbors on the stoop and being out until 2AM, #whoops. 
#nomsandbubs with JJ

2AM Crew
My grand plan of heading up to New Hampshire at 8A on Saturday was thwarted by bad weather the need for sleep.  Finally got my show on the road around noon and headed up to see G&G in Hampton.  The weather continued to be pretty crappy so we took a leisurely ride up 1A (my favorite drive!) to Portsmouth and went to Sanders where we procured some steamers and this 7 1/2 pound bad boy.  (PS - my apologies if you ever attend a lobster dinner with me...I go to town!)

It filled a large cooler!
While it was being cooked, we took a ride up to Prescott Park to see the flowers and Grandma and I had a little photo shoot.  I have to add this tiny woman is in amazing shape and climbed up on this platform for the photo!

I look like a giant, as usual.
The sun came out on Sunday and we got some good beach time, finished up that lobster for lunch and played a lot of cards.  Grandpa made another fab dinner of ribs, corn and potatoes, along with Grandma's awesome salad.  I swear, everything they make is not only delicious, but brings me back to being a child.  I am SO lucky to have two grandparents, who are fairly young and very active, left at my age.  I see them pretty often, but it is rare I spend two+ days with them alone, so it was a really great weekend. And I got to totally chill out and relax, a rarity these days.

It rained again Monday AM and I headed back to Boston fairly early.  The traffic was really light and I flew down - 41 minutes from Seabrook to the South End may be a record!  I did some work, some cleaning (huge bag for consignment shop!), some cooking and some errands to round out the last few hours of my summer.  Sigh.  Grandpa is also know for his killer tomatoes (the man starts them from seed in the basement in March!) and he sent me home with some beauties I made into sauce I am going to freeze - nothing like pulling summer veggies out of the freezer in January!

Not at all looking forward to another insane week, but hopefully I can channel some weekend zen when I need to.


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