Friday, September 06, 2013

Friday Fiver

Hello Lovelies:

Look at me, two posts in one week, wowzers!

Let's get on it:

1. Though under sad circumstances, my poodle from the ATL made a cameo in the Boston area!  This girl did the schleppety schlep up to the north shore to see him on Tuesday evening, just what both of our souls needed!

We shall be reunited again in 2+ short months, watch out DC!

2. I know I am a season or so late, but this "new to me" bag's my new obsession - it's huge and you can toss everything in it!  Seriously last night I had normal purse items, a sweater, iPad and two bottles of wine with room to spare! 

Thanks for doing a closet purge JJ!

3.Holding on to #endlesssummer2013 as long as possible.  My tookas will be planted on some sort of sand throughout this weekend, mark my words.  All things Lilly, Jacks and white may be off the table, but I am milking the hell out of the next 14 days! 

4. I adore Sara Bareilles and this song's been on heavy rotation as my "get s**t done at work" jam. (And PS - I just learned how to insert a YouTube steps friends, baby steps!)

5. This guy remains on my Friday 5 indefinitely.  He met his Mimi (my mom) and his "yet to be named" (my dad) (and I managed to delete that photo) on Sunday and they are eating him up! 

Mimi is in heaven!
Can not get enough of the hands by his face, presh!
Enjoy the weekend!!


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Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

GIrl I love that bag, so cute and will go with anything. And now I feel bad. I have no idea to insert a YouTube clip. Ha. Have a great day girl!