Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Hello Lovelies:

Another one for the books my friends!  Friday we did a little much needed CC happy hour followed by a dinner at Brownstone. The stars aligned and my hurr and makeup came out stellar, which obvs called for some ridiculous selfies.

I mean they MIGHT be Prosecco fueled #justsayin'

Had not been to Brownstone in forever and wow was the food great, and super reasonable. Chocolate covered bacon AND poutine?  Cue the angels!

Sloppy deliciousness

Saturday morning I took the Downeaster up to Wells, Maine where I met VOT and we had a silly us York day, that is never complete without a trip to (I kid you not) a gas station for THE BEST beach snacks, lots of beach time, clams at Fox's, Ice Cream at Brown's, Nubble pics and a trip into town for Goldenrod PB taffy for our #westiebestie.  It was the perfect secret extra summer day post Labor Day...and there were no crowds, score!  Wish I could say the same for Ogunquit - we got stuck in major traffic en route back to the train and made it by the skin of my teeth!


GIGANTIC Whoopie Pie! 
Basically I am going to reference this pic EVERY day from now until May! 

The Nubble

Annual Shot

I got back to Boston around 9P and hoofed it up to Government Center to hear Vampire Weekend close out Day 1 of Boston Calling.  The sound was amazing and the authorities totally let a lot of people hang out on the street and listen to the whole set.  The sound was fantastic and I may have to attend next year as I have heard rave reviews.  I closed out my night with a little Facetime action with #wydev.

Woke up Sunday morning to a clogged toilet, #fail.  Nothing like begging to use the facilities at CVS first thing in the AM!  Plumber made a late appearance and luckily all is back to normal on that front!  

My plans to 'burb it out to meet Miss Islay were thwarted, so instead I decided to do a little (self dubbed) Urban Bike Adventure on a Hubway.  My goal was to not get killed between my apartment and the office, and I did so much more!  (Another post will cover my trek).

Middle of the Sugarbowl

The plumber finally arrived (yay for indoor plumbing!) and I spent some QT with ML doing what we do best - going to TJ Maxx, #duh. 


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