Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Five

Hello Lovelies:

Without further ado...

1. The US Open
I was in New York earlier in the week for work and tickets literally fell into my lap Monday afternoon.  I was ecstatic as I had not been in 16 years (heeey 1997!) and I love me some Grand Slam tennis.  It is a special place and did not disappoint - we got to see Serena play Schiavione  where Serena killed her 6-0, 6-1, but it was a really well played game.  Too bad Federer was a rain out.  Oh, but I did get to see Lenny open, he was short, but fab.

2. t+j Designs
I was innocently perusing this gal's blog and BAM it hit me like a train!  Two baubles later (on sale plus 20% off) I there pretties are en route to mama:

3. The Shandy Whitman (this one is a few weeks old!)
How adorable and clever is this little homage to my dad?  The mustache is spot on and I am so glad he has such a sense of humor!  Not to mention our dear friends at Keegan Ales are hilarious with adorable graphics! 

4. The Beach
Our 2013 love affair is coming to a close, but I plan to milk every last second out of this I have all summer long. Summer Bucket list update to follow. 

5. Wyatt 
I am going to start calling him "Mittens McGee" as boyfriend is a scratcher.  But would you look at that head of hair?!  #swoon

Cheers to a fabulous weekend!


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