Friday, August 02, 2013

Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down on Friday....

Happy Friday Lovelies!

I KNOW all you Rebecca Black fans out there now have that ditty stuck in your heads.  You're welcome! ;)

I was inspired by Miss April  to get down on this Friday and do a little post about what I have been groovin' on recently, so without further ado....

1. The Farmer's Market
It is no secret that I love me a trapse around a Farmer's Market and I am so lucky to have Dewey Square a mere steps from my office and Copley Square and SOWA super close to my apartment. I have made it my goal to attempt to eat 80% of my meals from fresh local produce while the gettin' is good over the next few months (I can not EVEN go into how it is already August, a BAD WORD in my book!).  Sure it is a little more spendy than the grocery store, but very worth it in my opinion. Tonight's caprese is going to be extra awesome with homemade pesto from the scads of basil I procured! 

2.  My Weekend
I have been going a zillion miles an hour for the past month and I am excited that I have zero set plans this weekend with the exception of a party tonight; where I will be bringing the aforementioned caprese.  And wine. #duh. 
Image Via Pioneer Woman
3. Pillows
My (not so anymore) new couch is in need a of a little oomph and I think this (literally) has my name on it (well, once I turn it into a K)

4. My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter
Tiffany Beveridge is a genius! Quinoa  can do no wrong in my book.

"Wait, Farro. We don't run after the ice cream truck.
We wait for the ice cream truck to come to us." - Quinoa 

5. Drunk History on Comedy Central
Just discovered this last night and I am hooked. Ashamed to say, I actually learned some stuff!  Patty Hearst is my fave. 

Wishing you all FABULOUS weekends!


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