Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Locks of Greatness

Hello Lovelies:

Hope everyone had a fab weekend!  Mine began in what I called a "stabby" mood but was quickly dissolved - amazing what great friends, shopping and some cocktails will do!  Saturday was the PERFECT beach day followed by lil' Tar-jay and Rack time (DSB and I like to call trips to Rack "Rack Rides" and car dance to Rack City. Whaaa?!  Y'all don't do the same thing?!)  Saturday night we went to an impromptu party at friends new gorgie condo and Sunday I slept, packed and cleaned my apartment - yawn.

The best part of my Sunday came at 4P when I made a last minute appointment to get a blow out.  And not just any blow out - a $21 blowout.  Yes ma'am $21!  And where did this magic happen?  At Blo South End - the opening was worth the wait!

SUPER Cheeky Advertising

They had their grand opening on Friday (complete with pink wigs and bartenders - sign me up!) and all day Saturday and Sunday all blowouts were $21!

So I skedaddled my way down Colmbus to their cute white and grey shop with all of the hot pink accents a girl could ask for.  On a arrival I was given their hair menu from which to choose from one of  their signature syles.  

It also did not hurt that they had custom cupcakes and bubs! 

I went with the Red Carpet from the menu - very traditional - as I wanted to rock this style for a few days.

My hair was luckily filthy and my petite dynamo stylist Jennifer went to town.  Her wash/head massage was amazing and the Unite products they used (forget which one was mine specifically) smelled like a minty floral heaven, so yummy! Then the drying began, can we talk about how jacked this chick is?  Arms of steel, crazy!  She did a great job, super efficient and I walked out feeling like a million bucks!

Cheesiest pic EVER!
I am happy to report that as of Tuesday AM the hair 'did is still rocking, yay!

In other news, thoughts on the Bachelorette?  I dislike Emily immensely and did not watch at all, but got sucked into the finale and I have to say I kinda like "Jef with one f"! (But Arie is way hotter!)

I am sweating in NY for the week, try to control your jealousy!


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