Friday, July 20, 2012

Five Things Friday

My of the moment OCDs:

1. Lilly Pulitzer Briar Skirt in Multi Sailor Patch.  

Picked her up from sweet Marty at Life's a Beach in Duck two weeks ago...color me obsessed, it matches SO many things, though navy is my current fav for a top.  Wearing her today!

2. This weather!  

The heat finally broke and the past two days have been heavenly in the 70s.  Would like to warm up just smidge for tomorrow as DSB and I plan to dominate  Good Harbor all the live long day tomorrow.  One of the few things that gets me on the road at 8A on a Saturday!

3. Kashi 

I have always loved this cereal but often forget about it.  Made a rediscovery last weekend and am eating it in heavy rotation. 

4. Sock Buns

I got on the bandwagon a little late last month and last Saturday I picked up a brill-pad-ish bun-maker (is that a word?) at H&M.  Has changed my life!  I did a high one last weekend and rocked a low one (ala Vineyard Loveknots) yesterday.  I have been "training" my hair to only have to wash it about twice a week (hey, it works for me!) and this (and boatloads of this) has saved me on the days when it gets a little borderline!  OF course I can not get the pics to load, but they follow me on Instagram or Twitter to see them: @kaw3589

5. The Olympics

The fact that they will be here in seven short days rocks my world!!!  I am an Olympic GEEK of geeks and I get a little overexcited every two years.  I have a tradition of watching the opening ceremonies with my mama and MMS in K-town and next Friday night will be no exception.  CAN NOT WAIT!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


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