Thursday, June 21, 2012

HB to Moi!

May 25th I took the plunge over to the OTHER side of check box.  But whatevs, age is mindset…so that makes me anywhere between 14 (when caught rockin’ out to “Call Me Maybe” and One Direction in my wayfarers) and 25 (when I think I can still drink like that!)

Anyhoo, I hightailed it outta Orlando for a perfect weekend in my happy happy happy place: Duck, NC.  My family has had a home there for close to 30 years and I truly consider it home more than the home I grew up in in NY.  (And along with that consider myself a quasi-southerner...Yankee status be damned!)

I arrived Thursday afternoon and was quickly on the deck, G&T in hand in white pants and Jacks – all things that signal the start of summer!  Soon after two of my favorite nuggets and their parents arrived and the fun began. 

I was awoken the next morning to all of my favorite things…Ducks Cottage iced coffee being delivered, Meme waffles, some tent sale action, a visit to Lilly, their new sister (brother?) store  Untucked (totes check it out if you are in the area, great selection of Southern Tide among others), pulled pork and a blissful afternoon in the sun in my new Marley Lilly hat, a gift from the nuggets! 

That evening all I wanted to was sit on the beach, cocktail and eat Will's fried chicken and okra and my wish was granted! 

How cute are we?!?


We then had my awesome annual cake of white cake, homemade whipped crème and strawberries.  The perfect day!

The rest of the weekend consisted of more of the same – coffee shop, shopping, beach, cocktails, neighbors and laughs.  GREAT TIME!

My weekend was cut short by the dreaded W word and Monday night I headed up to Chicago for the week.  I was lucky enough to catch an awesome game at Wrigley, make a killer new friend, have a debaucherous evening with an old friend all between entertaining clients and having a majorly productive work week.  By the time I got back to Boston late on the 31st I was spent…and only home for 72 hours!!

More birthday to come!


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