Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Where in the World?

Oh the places I have been!  

Going to spend this week feebly (is that even a word?) attempting to catch y'all up on where the sam hill I have been the past month!

My journey began way back on May 17th with a work trip to Orlando.  Allow me to please let the record state that I hate Orlando.  HATE it.  Yet I had such and amazing experience there I am a converted believer!  Worked my tail off, but met so many wonderful people and created a ton of great memories.

Spent a lovely night dining and cruising to the fireworks with AS and team.

I am giving my makeup combo for the night an A+!

I had yet to DATW and we had a BLAST and a half during an odd free night. 

Starting it off right, think this was in Norway , all awesome peeps

By far the coolest part was the private event we did at Harry Potter – I have never seen a movie or picked up a book, but SO appreciate it!
It was about 1000 degrees, yet the faux snow did nothing to cool us off, weird, right?

Next up - My Birthday in Duck!!


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