Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Every Christmas it's the SAME thing...JESUS CHRIST!!!!!

Notice the irreverence in the title, yeah, my mother LOVES it when I say that, NOT.

Survived another fun filled fam damily holiday. I dunno, the older I get the more and more surreal they all seem to become. I always try and remember to stop and smell the proverbial roses on Christmas day. Usually around three or four PM the living room is bursting with the usual suspects (though a few more than usual as we were 22 for Christmas dinner, an all time high this year). The fire's going, people are snarfing spinach dip, there are odds and ends of wrapping all over the place and shiny new stuff under and around the tree. I like to take a step back and take it all in, I know, how CHEESE of me. There was little to no time for it this year as there were people around ad nauseum spilling into the other rooms.

Presents, quite obviously!! A partial listing in no specific order:
-Some v cool Pumas I THINK this is the style, in a gray w/ olive velcro combo
-SNL Trivial Pursuit (which is WAY harder than I thought!!)
-Some Coach I guiltily returned and now have a large credit towards a fun spring bag (and I do love those DOTS!!)
-New Spys
-Yummy warm chenille, striped and argyle Hanukkah Harry's
-Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris, The Lucky Guide to Shopping and Kate Spade's Manners books, all from very special people,
-And this may be the best as I scored this yesterday to go with it to add to my NYE ensemble (at least I think anyway...current plans are NOT so fancy dancy so I may be slightly overdressed, I hate that)
-One of these to add to my collection

To tell you the truth there weren't too many. I did JUST enough hard time at home to make it not too short and not too long. I saw everyone I was supposed to, no one dropped the F bomb on Xmas eve (a usual tradition) and no major household appliance (i.e. the boiler!) exploded. Major Kudos to all. Oh yeah, and the fact that I think I snarfed my body weight in FOOD, ugh Jan '05 gym time: HERE I COME!

And now I am back to work, ick! This is a very surreal week. It is like a ghost town, I can get an elevator with the snap of my fingers and the caf is empty. The mall, however, is a different story. MOBS of out of towners tourist-ing it up, yahoo! Trying my best NOT to online shop and rather actually get some semblance of work accomplished, fat chance as I sit here blogging my little fingers out. C'est la vie!

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