Thursday, December 30, 2004

All the cool kids are doin' it... I figured I would just lemming along like the rest of them. Keep in mind there's NO educational or even entertaining value to it, more like a stream of consciousness!

So Without further ado:

My best/worst/etc list of 2004:

Best Concert
Buffett @ Fenway 9/10/04. Hands down once (maybe twice?) in a lifetime.

Best Reality Show(s)
Newlyweds and Laguna Beach (tie)

Worst Reality Show
RW Phili-Seriously, Bunim & Murray either had a shallow pool to choose from or need to clean house ASAP!

Favorite TV Show
Best Week Ever (esp after I found out this guy was involved)

Biggest Trainwreck
SO many to choose from, but I think Anna Nicole Smith and her Trimspa induced dementia take the cake

Top Blogs
Gideon's Bible
Stephanie Klein
My Blog is Poop

People who made me want to defect to Canada
Dubya, Ann Coulter, Zell Miller

Person who made me rethink Canada
Barack Obama

My best Star Effer Moment
Snapping a pic of the back of Ben Affleck's head @ Rock the Vote (I didn't say it was a proud moment!)

Once in a Lifetime Moment
Wednesday 7/28/04 Fleet Center Boston

Writing that makes you wish you were blind
Brit Brits Letter of Truth

Person I am slightly ashamed to be a fan of
Jessica Cutler

Trend, try as I might, I look reedonculous in

Late '03/Early '04 trend I am going to wear 'til they fall apart

Overexposed Star of 2004

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