Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Fiver

Hello Lovies:

Is this thing on?  *crickets*

Swooping back in with a link up with Ms. April and Co. for a little Friday Fun!

1. Italy
This saucy minx is what's been keeping me from blogging at all the past few weeks.  I was lucky enough to spend two solid weeks in Rome and make a day trip to Florence (and get to see this hottie pants).   It was a back breaking labor of love and I am still exhausted, but would not have traded it for the world! 

2. Coxinha
Friend's mama is her from Brazil and we are having these treats tomorrow night, can not wait! 

3. This Bauble
I got an email from C. Wonder yesterday and was instantly smitten with this bad boy.  Now could you please go on sale with an additional percentage off so you can me mine?  kthanks.

4. The Boston Red Sox
I was lucky enough to be sitting in great seats during that EPIC game last Sunday night.  The boys are bringing their show back to town tomorrow night with hopes of a World Series run! #SOXNATION

5. The Nugget
In his little old man sweatsuit!  #Idie

Cheers to a FAB weekend,

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